"Wyn Doran’s music is sonically rewarding and paints stunning images of emotional growth- accepting not only that it’s okay to be vulnerable but that there is power to be found there." -Off Kilter (USA)

"NH artist Wyn Doran charges ahead after songwriting retreat" -Boston Herald (USA)

Allston Pudding (USA) premieres Wyn Doran''s 2021 collaborative single "Concern"

For Nashua, New Hampshire's Wyn Doran, public evisceration of her personal experiences through music is nothing new, but her latest single "Cigarettes" cuts even deeper than usual." -The Deli Magazine (USA)

The Boston Globe (USA) highlights Wyn Doran's favorite local albums of 2022

In a dream pairing for us, New Hampshire's Wyn Doran has covered Julia Jacklin's holiday song from last year" -If It's Too Loud (USA)

That sorrow and struggle make for great songs is a time-honored maxim in music, but Wyn Doran got more of both than any songwriter needs. Fortunately, she shaped her travails into a brilliant debut EP. "Thick of It" is a visceral work, and it feels like a miracle that she was able to create it. -The Hippo (USA)

A dark matter reverted into a shining light, Wyn Doran’s astounding song ‘Cigarettes’ is a soulful, unmissable delivery, driven by that starlight that is Wyn’s voice. -NOVA MUSIC (Italy)

"Yes, the rhythm is contagious, the bass real fat, the keys a bit spooky, but it is the fiery vocal delivery of Nashua’s Wyn Doran that is the talisman entrancing in “Spell” her latest single." -The Deli Magazine (USA)

The slight rasp to her voice mingles with the hushed softness she delivers it with in a truly beautiful way.  -Red Line Roots (USA)

The Telegraph (USA) profiles Wyn Doran’s debut single 'Places Unknown'

'Cigarettes' entices with its wistful vocals laced with dark imagery of a turbulent romance. The track wraps you around its finger—and doesn’t let you go. “Cigarettes” hones in on Doran’s knack for songwriting and proves that the young musician’s future is only beginning." -Berklee Groove (USA)

'Places Unknown' featured on Hype Machine's Hoers.De (Germany)

"Places Unknown" mostra-se um hino ao poder individual de quebrarmos correntes poucos saudáveis e de recuperarmos o nosso poder pessoal, mesmo que isso nos obrigue a deixar lugares que já conhecemos para enfrentarmos o desconhecido. -Bran Morrighan (Portugal)

Liz Bills and Wyn Doran Attract Large Crowd at TOAD Cambridge Friday Night -MASSMUSIC (USA)

Nashua, NH's Wyn Doran might be the perfect artist for 2020 -If It's Too Loud (USA)

Doran’s crisp voice is the showcase of “Starry Eyes.” -Mother Church Pew (USA)